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 Customer-centric, market-oriented, technology as the main body, quality of survival, integrity and development, serious and realistic, vigorous。

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     Xi 'an Pump Valve General Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958, the predecessor of Xi 'an high pressure valve Factory, is a special pump valve research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, technical service as one of the modern science and technology enterprises。Products are widely used in acetic acid, MMA, PTA, caustic soda, polyester, water treatment, coal chemical industry, oil and gas, new energy and other industries

     With the mission of "scientific and technological innovation and industrial service to the country", Xi 'an Pump Valve deeply integrates with Zhejiang University, Xi 'an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnical University in the field of scientific research, and has built Xi 'an Pump Valve - Xi 'an Jiaotong University Technology Research Institute。

Casting and performance improvement in titanium zirconium materials,Titanium zirconium material surface hardening treatment,Corrosion mechanism and protection of titanium-based materials in Marine environment,Multiphase flow transport,Hydraulic design and optimization of high anti-cavitation performance of centrifugal pump,Great breakthroughs have been made in flow field analysis and structure optimization of high-pressure melt filters,It has independent intellectual property rights and has realized engineering application。

      The company is a national high-tech enterprise, with more than 110 independent intellectual property rights, including more than 20 invention patents, and participated in the formulation of 5 national standards and 6 industry standards。The company has ISO9001, API6A, API6D, CE, SIL and other key certificates and A2 level fixed pressure vessel design and manufacturing certificates。

       The company has the only special vacuum casting production line in the pump and valve industry, which can achieve independent production from titanium sponge (zirconium) to castings. The weight of a single casting can reach 1500 kg, and the annual production capacity can reach more than 500 tons. The products are exported to Japan, Finland, Russia, Iran and India and other countries

       The company has a number of advanced four-axis and five-axis machining centers, gantry type three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument, professional non-destructive testing equipment and physical and chemical laboratory;It has the largest insulation joint press machine and bending moment test bench in China, with the maximum caliber up to 1.4 meters;With the plug valve sleeve pressing system, the maximum specification of up to 24 inches 600 pounds;Advanced surface hardening equipment for special materials;It has the only gas-liquid two-phase flow test center in China, and the gas content of the medium can reach 50%.The valve cryogenic test center and melt filter high temperature and high pressure test system are built。These advanced processing and testing equipment provide a strong guarantee for the research and development and manufacture of high-quality pump and valve products。

      The company in Jiangsu Jiatong 3 million tons of PTA, Hualu Hengsheng 800 thousand tons of acetic acid, Shaanxi Jintai 600 thousand tons of caustic soda, Qingmeibang 150 thousand tons of wet process smelting Indonesia project, Jiangsu Serbang 90 thousand tons of MMA, China-Russia gas pipeline (DN1400) and other projects to provide zirconium material mother liquid circulation pump, zirconium material external circulation pump, titanium dechlorination vacuum pump, zirconium material gas liquid two-phase flow pump, titaniumGold-hard sealed ball valves, zirconium plug valves, insulated joints and other "into the country" products,Secure a leading position in the domestic market。The company also has titanium axial flow pump, urea melt pump, multistage pump, minimum return valve, melt filter and melt valve, wellhead skid equipment, ultra-low temperature ball valve, special material regulating valve and other products, widely used in chemical and oil and gas industries。

      Heart service, achievement of the future。Xi 'an Pump valve people adhere to the values of "unity, hard work, dedication, and perseverance", adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first", wholeheartedly provide customers with quality products and services, and share a win-win situation with customers to create a better future!